Information about nightlife, beaches, shopping, parks, cinemas etc.

Haikou City has 4 main beach areas:Haikou, Holiday Beach4

  • Holiday Beach (假日海滩 Jiàrì hǎitān)
  • Xixiu Beach (西秀海滩 Xixiù hǎitān)
  • Baishamen Beach (白沙门海滩 Báishāmén hǎitān)
  • Guilinyang Beach (桂林洋海滩 Guìlínyáng hǎitān)

Haikou has many bars and clubs around the city. There are few different types of drinking establishments in Haikou. Here s a brief summary:

These are the main parks in Haikou:

  • Wan Lu Yuan (Thousands Green park).
  • Jin Niu Ling Yuan (Golden Bull Mountain-Peak park).
  • Renmin Gongyuan (People's Park), next to East Lake.
  • Baishamen (White Sand Beach). A park built next to the beach.

HaiXiu road is a main shopping area and includes electronic markets, department stores, and restaurants. Catch the number 30 bus from Haikou Hostel. DaTong road is another busy shopping area. Buses 15, 36 and 19 go here from Haikou Hostel.

Here are some suggestions of things to do in Haikou.

One of the best outdoor swimming pools in Haidian Dao, Haikou City, can be found within the grounds of the Jiangnan luxury apartments and is open to the public. The swimming pool is large and clean. There is also a hot spring pool.

Here are some of the better cinemas in Haikou City. Cinema ticket prices are around 30 RMB. Some of the big Western movies are shown with the original English language.

Some photos from around Haikou City.


Haikou Haidian River (Nov 2015):

haikou haidian river

The Haikou Convention Centre (海口会展中心 Hǎikǒu huìzhǎn zhōngxīn) is located on Binhai Road, just to the west of Evergreen Park. There are regular events, most are probably not of interest to tourists but may be useful for some Hainan expats.

Address: Haikou Convention & Exhibition Center Binhai Ave.haikou,
Hainan (570125)
Tel:+86-898-68586205,+86-898-68586209   Fax:+86-898-68586211

传  真:+86-898-68586211
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