Haikou has many, many places to eat. Here is some more information.

Little India Restaurant serves Nepales & Indian cuisine. They are a great choice if you want a change from Chinese food. The food quality, service and restaurant envirnment are all very good.

Address: 海口市玉沙路21号 京华城D区002-3号铺

Haikou City, 21 Yusha Road, 'Jinghua Cheng' shopping complex, Building D, Shop # 002-3.
Tel: 0898-68554827

You can buy fresh seafood, straight off the boat, on Haidian Island under Renmin Bridge. Next to the seafood market are food stalls that can cook the seafood for you.

As in most places in China there are many places to eat, ranging from small cheap shops/stalls to modern posh expensive restaurants. You can get a cheap meal of noodle soup for as little as 10 RMB or spend several hundred RMB on a feast at a nice restaurant. All styles of Chinese food can be found as well as a few western foods such as pizza, burgers and KFC.

If you like to try different street food, you will enjoy this place. Lots of choices of food from all around China. Very affordable.

Haikou City has many outdoor BBQ stalls. If your looking for Western standard comfort and cleanliness these places may not be for you: the outdoor BBQ stalls are usually little more than a few plastic tables and chairs put out on the street. However, I consider these to be one of the charms of Haikou city. The stalls do not exist in the day time, but wait until the sun sets and the temperature drops and at around 9 o'clock in the evening certain streets will come alive with BBQ sights and smells.

Buy the fresh seafood from the market stalls and take it to the restaruant area to be cooked. There is lots of fresh (alive) food to choose from, ranging from the ordinary (fish, prawns) to the exotic (snakes, turtles). This is a local style place so don't expect western standard cleanliness, but the food is fresh so little risk of food poisioning.

Hēng měi lè fàndiàn

Foreigner friendly restaurant, with a picture menu and individual meal sets. Prices are around 30 RMB per meal. Most food is Chinese with a couple of Chinese style Western dishes.

Million restaurant is very close to the Haikou Banana Hostel. It is on the opposite side of Renmin Avenue, a few metres north. It has a green, red and white sign.