Information relating to sports venues and events in Haikou. For example, football pitches and golf driving ranges.

Haikou Hash meet every Saturday at 3:00pm at Red's pub on Heping road. A bus then takes the 'Hashers' to a rural area outside of Haikou. We normally go to a small village and follow a trail around the tropical countryside for 6 to 10 kms. Some people jog while others walk. After the exercise the drinking begins. We also eat at a restaurant, usually within Haikou city. All this costs about 50 rmb, including bus, meal, and as many beers as you can drink.

It's a good way to see some of the more inaccessible areas of Hainan. You will see plenty of beautiful and interesting sights and visit remote areas that you would not otherwise see.

There are more and more water-sports available in Haikou. There is a windsurfing and sailing club on Xixiu Beach in Haikou. Xixiu Beach is just to the west of Haikou city, just before Haikou's Holiday Beach.

Windsurf rental prices are 100-150 RMB per day. Tuition is available, but do not expect much spoken English.

Windsurfing in Haikou

New 5 a-side football pitches in Haidian Dao (Nov, 2011)

Follow Sanxi Lu (三西路) to the very west and you come to an old port area. Turn right, the pitches are about 100 metres ahead on the right hand side.

There are 4 pitches and a small bar for post football beers.

There are now also new pitches on the very west of Erxi Lu (二西路) in Haidian Island.

Haikou Golden Dragon football Pitches (海口金龙足球场, Hǎikǒu jīn lóng zúqiú chǎng).

Address: Haikou City, Jinlong Road, Next to Shangbang Shopping Centre.

海口金龙路上邦百汇城旁, Hǎikǒu jīn lóng lùshàng bāng bǎi huì chéng páng.

Reservation hotline 订场热线: 68590688, 13697567799.

QQ: 123922527.

Haikou has atleast 2 golf driving ranges. One is on the west side of Baishanmen Park on Haidian Island. The other is at the south-west end of Century Bridge.

The Century Bridge golf driving range has better views because it is next to the sea and has the bridge in the backdrop (see photo). Rates are cheap, 30 balls costs just 15 RMB in the early afternoon.

A reasonable gym situated on Haidian Island in the north of Haikou. There are free weights, exercise machines, ping pong tables and some classes. Don't expect too much, but there is enough equipment for a decent work-out.

Location: opposite the Haikou Banana Hostel.

Price: 1 month 200 RMB or 100RMB if you are a student.

6 months 660RMB.