What to know more about Hainan University or thinking about studying Chinese?

Hainan University is also known locally as Hai Da 海大. This is a Chinese abbreviation of Hainan 海南 and daxue 大学 (which means university in Chinese).

Location of Hainan University

The main campus of Hainan University is located in the north of Haikou City, on Haidian Island. It is close to the Haikou Banana Hostel (within walking distance). The south gate of the university is on San Xi Road. The east gate is on Renmin Avenue. The north gate is on Wu xi Road.


The university runs Chinese language courses especially for foreigners wanting to learn Chinese. There are classes for all grades of fluency, from complete beginner to advanced.

Foreigners can also study most of the degree courses that are available to the Chinese students.

You can study Chinese at this school. They are located on Haidian Island in Haikou city, less than 1km from Haikou Banana Hostel.


Learn ChineseThe local Hainan University has many students who are studying how to teach Chinese as a foreign language. Some of these students are looking for part time work as personal Chinese tutors. Rates are very reasonable: from around 30 RMB per hour. You could post a paper advert on the University campus if you want a tutor. You can discuss directly with your tutor how many hours tuition you want and agree a price.