Q: Is it possible for a foreigner to rent a car in Haikou?

A: Yes it is possible to rent a car in Haikou. Prices start from around 150 RMB per day, with a deposit of around 3000 RMB. If you want a driver, expect to pay atleast an extra 50 RMB per day. It is not easy to rent a car if you don't have a Chinese driving license. We do not keep an updated list of car rental companies in Haikou. We suggest searching Baidu.com for "rent car Haikou" in Chinese characters. Another starting point would be the Chinese website www.58.com.

Q: I want to rent a motorbike and drive around Hainan, is it possible?

A: It is normally easier to buy a motorbike rather than rent one because there are no rental shops in Haikou. However, several guests have manged to rent a motorbike from motorbike taxi drivers. You could buy a second hand motorbike from around 1000 RMB. You can ask at motorbike repair shops for second hand motorbikes, or around the East Lake area of Haikou, near to Haikou Park and the old town. A new motorbike would start from around 3000 RMB. You could try to sell the bike after your adventure. Various guests from the hostel have done this.