After the success of the last camping trip we decided it was time for another. An acquaintance offered a trip on his boat to a deserted island just off the south coast of Hainan, where we planned to camp overnight. However things didn't turn out exactly as we would have liked. The boat trip never materialized and instead of relaxing on a small island we spend the day getting lost in random towns while searching for a good spot to camp.

As sunset approached we settled for the not particularly beautiful TianYa because we had little other choice. We set up camp on the edge of a large sand dune overlooking the sea. The cacti proved to be a little annoying in the dark. It didn't take long before local villagers became aware of our presence and we took advantage of their interest by giving them a few yuan for firewood and a torch. By now it was obvious that there was a typhoon just off the coast. Every minute or so the night sky and dark ocean was lit up by great bolts of lightening. The only ambient sound was the powerful waves crashing on the beach below. There was a distinct possibility that the storm was heading our way, but it seemed to stay offshore and we experienced only occasional strong winds and brief downpours. In my now intoxicated state the weather was kind of exhilarating, thou perhaps not for everyone.

A few 20-ish year old local village lads caught a bucket of small crabs off the beach and showed us how to cook them on the fire with a stick. They didn't taste particularly good but maybe it will useful to know in a Ray Mears survival skills way. For the first time in Hainan I saw a scorpion in the sand. I quickly squashed it and threw him in the fire mainly because of fear. The list of horrible, potentially dangerous, creatures i’ve encountered in Hainan grows.

We didn't hang around long the next day partly because of the stares from the group of Hainanese women who where planting trees in the sand dune around us and partly because of the locals who were hassling us for money for them 'protecting us' through the night. Next trip will certainly be better planned.