Wuzhishan MountainWuzhishan is the highest point in Hainan. It reaches 1867 metres. It is situated in central Hainan, about 30km from Wuzhishan Town. The name comes from its five peaks.

Name in Chinese: 海南五指山国家级自然保护 Hǎinán wǔzhǐshān guójiā jí zìrán bǎohù qū. Or more simply just 五指山 wǔzhǐshān, which means Five Finger Mountain.

It is a protected nature reserve and contains primitive rainforest. It costs 15 RMB to enter the area.

To get to Wuzhishan by public transport you first need to get to Wuzhishan Town. From the main Wuzhishan Town bus station you can get a bus to Shuiman Village (about 10 RMB). Then you can get the shuttle bus from Shuiman to the mountain (5 RMB).

Climbing Wuzhishan Mountain

It took me about 4 hours to climb to the highest peak and 2-3 hours to get back down. Near the start of the trail is a junction.

The left trail along the stream is quite short (about a 30 minutes stroll) and will take you to a waterfall. This trail is perhaps the most scenic part of the mountain and is worth exploring even if you don't want to climb the whole mountain. It is a good short trail to experience some of the rainforest.

The right hand trail leads to the top of the mountain. The climb is fairly steep. I often needed to use all 4 limbs and there are a few ladders. Most of the trail is tree roots and there are a few potentially dangerous parts that have steep drops off the side. Depending on the weather, you may get excellent views from the top. Unfortunately, there was a lot of rubbish dumped on the trail. This ruins the natural environment to some degree.


Official Wuzhishan website (only Chinese language, no English)



Wuzhishan Rafting (五指山漂流)

There are two companies that provide rafting in Wuzhishan.

Here is the website of the Wuzhishan Tianhu Rafting Company:


Telephone 电话: 0898 8655 9288 


Photos of Wuzhishan Mountain


Map of Wuzhishan Town, Shuiman Village, and Wuzhishan Mountain.