This area, centred on the city of Qionghai (Hainanese Heng Hai, pronounced "Heng High"), is emerging as a rival to the Southeast Coast (namely Xinglong Hot Springs), siphoning off some of the tourist traffic (especially Chinese tourist groups) that makes its way single-mindedly from Haikou to Sanya.

Boao (Hainanese Bak Ngao, pronounced "Buck Gow") wins a lot of local traffic on the strength of its role as permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia. Recognising Boao's distinctive dynamic, the Hainan provincial government has now more than doubled the area of the "Boao Aquapolis", expanding it southward to take in the coastal beaches of Wanning city. However, development of this area will take many years yet.

There is a Chinese company who provide several outdoor adventure activities such as abseiling and rafting. You can expect to see a beautiful inland area of Hainan. You will be taken along the river to a spot in the jungle where you will abseil down waterfalls, swim in lagoons, and jump from rocks into the deep pools below.  You can also raft down the river past minority villages, dense tropical jungle and Betel Nut plantations.

Boao is a small beach-side town in Hainan. It is roughly half way down Hainan's East coast, near to Qionghai City.

The Discovery Channel's TV series 'Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls' filmed an episode in late 2009 about survival in the Southern Chinese jungle. Although never mentioned in the episode, it was actually filmed in the central area of Hainan. Central Hainan is the least developed part of the island and some areas are still thick with jungle and rainforest.

Judging by the scenery, I believe some of it was filmed around Wanquan river. I recognise some of the scenery from the Wanquan Outdoor Activity Centre. The centre does a jungle exploration activity that will take you to some of areas seen in this video.