Where is the visa office for foreigners?

The visa office is located in the far west of Haikou city.
Opening times 办公时间
9:00-12:00 13:30-17:00

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Family Visa Application Requirements:

Requirements for adult family visas such as marriage visa.


(Source: Haikou Visa Office August 2018)

  1. Application form for visa and residence permit for foreigners. Fill in with black pen, do not use ballpoint pen to fill in. Get this from the office. 外国人签证、居留许可申请表(请用黑色水笔填写,请勿使用圆珠笔填写)

  2. Passport photo, you should get the poto taken from the photo room at the visa office itself. 1张2寸自底正面照;(要求免冠,不戴眼镜及饰物)需有海南省出入境管理局权相馆使用的相片数据条码。(可于受理大厅走廊拍照处或其他授权相馆摄生成或扫描生成)

  3. Your Passport with photocopies of the 3 following from within your passport: your personal info page; your last China entry stamp (red circular stamp); current visa. 申请人的护照〈原件及复印件).“复印件内容:**资料页;**最后一次入境章(椭圆红色); **有效签证.

  4. One of the following (both original and photocopy): 以下其中一项:(均提供原件与复印件)

- Marriage certificate 结婚证;

- Birth certificate 出生证;

- If there is no above-mentioned direct evidence, the original and photocopy of the Notarized Certificate of Relative Relations can be made at the notary office (to prove the relationship between the applicant and the visited person). 无以上直接证明材料的,可在公证处做〈亲属关系公证书〉,原件及复印件(证明申请人与被探望人的关系).

 5. Physical Examination certificate. Do not always need this. (Address at bottom) 提供健康证明(体检地址见最后一行).

 6. Household Register (Hukou) and Chinese ID card of relative/spouse. If they are not from Haikou also need to supply their accommodation registration card. 被探望人户口簿及身份证(原件及复印件\ 非海口户口需提供居住证).

 7. Invitation letter from relative/spouse. Written or printed on A4 paper, must be signed by hand. The format of this is written below. 被探望人提供邀请申请人的邀请函(A4纸,手写或打印均可,但需被探望人手写签名)。样本见备注三

 8. Accommodation Registration of applicant. Obtained from local police station. 境外人员住宿登记凭证.



备注三: 邀请书样本(仅供参考,请依具体情况如书写!)

Invitation Letter 邀请书








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Many expats find electric bikes to be a convenient way to get around the city. They can be purchased for around 2-3000 RMB. Electric bikes require a number plate, and must meet certain requirements in order to obtain a plate. Generally they cannot be too big or fast. So when you buy one talk to the shop to ensure they meet number plate requirements.

Here is a an old article from 2007 written by an expat about living in Haikou, Hainan's capital. In a sense it can could be considered an historic document since the author authenically describes the highs and lows of the now defunct old private buses.

"I’ve been an expat in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan (China’s southernmost province) for the last couple of years. Living here is…quirky. Water buffalo amble down the palm-lined streets (but hardly ever downtown)…wild looking men and women, covered in mud and with long matted hair stroll around town in their birthday suits…a local tofu dish, beloved by the Hainanese, is the foulest smelling thing I’ve ever encountered.