Many expats find electric bikes to be a convenient way to get around the city. They can be purchased for around 2-3000 RMB. Electric bikes require a number plate, and must meet certain requirements in order to obtain a plate. Generally they cannot be too big or fast. So when you buy one talk to the shop to ensure they meet number plate requirements.

As Haikou City pushes to improve the standard of living for residents they have embarked on a traffic education program. They have released the following laws related to driving an electric bike (2015):

8 rules for electric bikes. 电动自行车八不准 diandong zixingche ba buzhun.

1. 不准靠道路左侧行驶。Buzhun kao daolu zuoce xingshi. Prohibited to drive on the left side of the road (keep to the right).
2. 不准逆向行驶。Buzhun nixiang xingshi. Prohibited to go against traffic.
3. 不准在机动车道内行驶。 Buzhun zai jidongche dao nei xingshi. Prohibited to drive in the motorised vehicle lane.
4. 不准闯红灯。Buzhun chuang hongdeng. Prohibited to go through red lights.
5. 不准搭载人数超过1人。Buzhun dazai ren shu chaoguo 1 ren. Not allowed to carry more than 1 person.
6. 不准接打电话。 Buzhun jieda dianhua. Prohibited to use your phone.
7. 不准超限载物。 Buzhun chao xian zai wu. Prohibited to carry too much.
8. 不准安装遮阳伞或手持遮阳伞。 Buzhun anzhuang zheyangsan huo shouchi zheyangsan. Prohibited to fit or carry an umbrella.