Wenchang (Hainanese Ven Sio, pronounced "Vun Syo"), to the east of Haikou on the northeastern corner of the island, is the centre of Han settlement and the place where standard Hainanese is spoken. It is also one of the main sources of Hainanese migration overseas. The Soong sisters were born here.

Wenchang coconut plantation. Palm weaving.This is a beautiful area to the south east of Wencheng.

The area consists of miles of nice beaches, small villages, dense green tropical vegetation and winding pathways.

Wenchang 文昌 is located in the north-east of Hainan, about 65km south-east of Haikou. Wenchang is the capital of the Wenchang County.

Tonggu Ling (铜鼓岭) is the name of a small mountain and is a protected reserve on the North-East coast of Hainan. YueLiang Bay (月亮湾, Moon Bay) is a long strech of beach on the north side of the mountain.

This is an area of natural beauty. Ascend TongguLing mountain and you are rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding beaches, sea and coconut forest. The sea is clean and clear and the beaches stretch as far as you can see. Wander down to the beach and you will most likely have your own 10km beach, apart from the occansional local fisherman. It is a great contrast to the developed beach resorts of Sanya. For me, this place is what Hainan is all about. Don't expect to find any signposts to this spot; to find it I used a combination of map, compass, asking locals, and trial and error. Beaware the area is starting to develop, especially since the government started contruction of a new satellite launch site in the nearby town of Longlou.

Location: Part of the Tongguling Nature Reserve, East of Wenchang, Hainan Island.

This is an area we found through a trip with some local people. The area is geographically interesting due to the combination of massive rock formations, small beach coves, green countryside, and hilly terrain.

Chinese name: 百里绿道 Bǎi lǐ lǜ dào. The start point is located on the eastern edge of Wenchang Town, just off to the south of the road that heads east to Longlou Town.

This is a cycle path created in 2010. The cycle path takes you past fish farms and through the Wenchang mangrove.

Snorkeling in HainanSnorkeling as been on my list of things to do for a while. I was exploring the North-East coast of Hainan on a calm day and found a spot that looked interesting. The water had good visibility and even without any equipment I could see interesting coral and some fish.

North East Coast of Hainan. Closest village - Shanya, closest town -  Jinshan

Distance from Haikou 80km. Travel time 2 hours

Explored a little more of the North West of Hainan Island. The road to the coast from Jinshan is particularly bad, even by Hainan standards. The 15 or so kilometers takes ages because the road is so bumpy, it’s impossible to travel more then 20km/h. At one point we got stuck in some strange grey sand. Our attempts to dig ourselves out were failing when a couple of local villagers passed by. I was expecting them to watch and laugh at the stupid foreigners. Thankfully they were sympathetic and called a group of friends to push the van to freedom.