Snorkeling in HainanSnorkeling as been on my list of things to do for a while. I was exploring the North-East coast of Hainan on a calm day and found a spot that looked interesting. The water had good visibility and even without any equipment I could see interesting coral and some fish.

This is when I realized the relationship between water visibility and the weather. It seems very obvious now, but it did not occur to me before. Visibility is best when there are no waves or wind. Snorkeling weather is roughly the inverse to good surf weather.

In the following few days I purchased some snorkeling equipment locally (not the greatest quality, but it will suffice for now). I also kept abreast with the swell and wind forecasts (there is a link to a good forecasting web-site at the end of this page), waiting for the right conditions.

The right day came and I had a fun day exploring the area with a few friends. Visibility was probably around 2-3 metres. We saw lots of coral and quite a few small fish. Do not try to pick up sea urchins because they can fire their spikes into your hand as a friend learnt the hard way. I think there are probably many decent spots around the island to snorkel. It’s just a matter of going out and finding them. An excellent inexpensive day out.

Swell and wind forecasts:

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