North East Coast of Hainan. Closest village - Shanya, closest town -  Jinshan

Distance from Haikou 80km. Travel time 2 hours

Explored a little more of the North West of Hainan Island. The road to the coast from Jinshan is particularly bad, even by Hainan standards. The 15 or so kilometers takes ages because the road is so bumpy, it’s impossible to travel more then 20km/h. At one point we got stuck in some strange grey sand. Our attempts to dig ourselves out were failing when a couple of local villagers passed by. I was expecting them to watch and laugh at the stupid foreigners. Thankfully they were sympathetic and called a group of friends to push the van to freedom.

A large field of papaya trees caught my attention because the majority of the tree were growing horizontal as opposed to straight up. An unusual sight, I guess caused by strong coastal winds. The beach was clean except for masses of washed up coral. I think the small fishing boats break the coral. Judging by the amount of coral on the beach there must be some fairly substantial reefs out there.