Tonggu Ling (铜鼓岭) is the name of a small mountain and is a protected reserve on the North-East coast of Hainan. YueLiang Bay (月亮湾, Moon Bay) is a long strech of beach on the north side of the mountain.

This is an area of natural beauty. Ascend TongguLing mountain and you are rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding beaches, sea and coconut forest. The sea is clean and clear and the beaches stretch as far as you can see. Wander down to the beach and you will most likely have your own 10km beach, apart from the occansional local fisherman. It is a great contrast to the developed beach resorts of Sanya. For me, this place is what Hainan is all about. Don't expect to find any signposts to this spot; to find it I used a combination of map, compass, asking locals, and trial and error. Beaware the area is starting to develop, especially since the government started contruction of a new satellite launch site in the nearby town of Longlou.

Tonggu Ling is a 2 hour (100km) drive south-east from Haikou. This makes it an ideal day trip from Haikou. To get there head east from Wencheng for around 50km. The road starts in good condition and slowly deteriorates into a dirt road as you approach the coast.

Further info about Tongguling National Nature Reserve

  • Chinese name: 海南铜鼓岭国家级自然保护 Hǎinán tónggǔ lǐng guójiā jí zìrán bǎohù qū
  • Location: Wenchang County (文昌)
  • Key areas of protection: Coral reefs, geological features, tropical monsoon elfin forest, wild animals
  • Area (ha): 4,400

Tongguling Nature Reserve is located in the north-east of Hainan. It is on the south east coast of Wenchang county, about 30 km from Wenchang Town. The geographical coordinates are E: 110 ° 58'30 "~ 111 ° 03'00", N: 19 ° 36'54 "~ 19 ° 41'21". It is about 45km sq in size, about 30km sq of which is sea.

There are about 1000 plant species, 10 species of birds and 20 kinds of reptiles, plus amphibians and insects.

A key area of protection are the shallow coral reefs. Typical reef organisms in the reserve include: scleractinian corals, coralline algae, staghorn corals, soft corals, fish, algae, mollusks, benthic organisms and other reef organisms.

Tongguling has geological features that are rare in China including the erosion of igneous rocks by both weathering and wave erosion. This results in the formation of sea cliffs, sea caves, sea niches, etc. The area is situated near a deep fault line and so historically affected by tectonic plate movement and once was volcanic.