This covers Danzhou (locally known as Nada), Lingao, Chenmai, and Dingan Counties.

The most prominent attraction in Danzhou is the ancient Dongpo Academy of Classical Learning, established in memory of the celebrated Song dynasty Chinese poet Su Dongpo, who was exiled here by the government. The main language spoken in much of this area is Linggao, not Hainanese.

  • Rezuo Liangyuan Botanical Gardens near Danzhou.
  • Lanyang Hot Spring - popular hot spring near Danzhou.
  • Cloud Moon Lake (Yueyun Hu).
  • Lingao Cape (The Naze of Lingao).

A friend from New Zealand is interested in Hainan wooden junk boats. So we set about finding some wooden boat builders on Hainan. One of the places we found was a small fishing port town called Diaolou Town (调楼镇) in Linggao County. They build large wooden fishing boats using largely traditional methods. One of the reasons we were interested is because this boat building craft has pretty much disappeared from developed countries. The hard-wood used in these boats generally comes from Malaysia. The town itself is unremarkable expect for the density of Sea God temples next to the busy port.

This historic site is situated in the far north-west of Hainan, in Danzhou County.

Chinese name: 美郎双塔 Měiláng shuāng tǎ.

Location: Meilang Village, Chengmai County, Hainan Island.

Twin Pagodas 8

The twin pagodas were built in the early Yuan Dynasty, dating back over 800 years.

They were built to commemorate a local villager's two daughters. One of the daughters married and the other become a Buddhist nun.

The pagodas are beautifully carved, decorated with Buddha, lotus petal, elephant, lion, unicorn, tiger, unicorn, horse and auspicious patterns. They are both around 13 metres tall. They  are amongst the best preserved Yuan Dynasty towers in Hainan and protected at the state level.


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Here are some photos taken in Baisha County along the S310 road.

Name and location in Chinese: 澄迈老城古驿站瀑布 (Chéngmài Lǎochéng Gǔyìzhàn pùbù).

A while ago I saw some good photos of a waterfall in Chengmai county on the Chinese internet. I happened to be in the area and so decided to see the waterfall in real-life. Most of northern Hainan is flat so waterfalls are scarce.

The waterfall is on the edge of Laocheng Town, which is about 25km west of central Haikou. There is a small river that runs through the town and out to sea. As is common in Hainan, there are few signs to minor attractions like this waterfall, so it is a little hard to find. Furthermore there isn't even a path. A mud track from the road leads most of the way. The waterfall is about 10 metres high and 50 metres wide.

Photos of the Guyizhan Waterfall in Chengmai, Hainan.

Map of the Guyizhan Waterfall in Chengmai, Hainan.

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These photos are several different places in Danzhou County, Hainan.

These pictures were taken in 2010 while travelling from Chengmai to Danzhou in North-West Hainan.

These photos show a housewarming party held by the Wang family near Hesha Town (和舍镇) in Lingao. The local language in this area is Lingao dialect, and traditions and customs are shared in common with the rest of Lingao district.

We were surprised to learn that Danzhou in western Hainan will be hosting an international marathon. The planned date is 18 Dec 2010. Danzhou is certainly not a very international place, so it will be fun to see how the competitors from around the world get on.

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