The South-east, often simply called the East Coast, covers Xinglong with its hot springs, botanical gardens, local coffee, and Indonesian theme park (and many young women plying their trade, a fact that tends to be glossed over by the guide books), Lingshui County, Wanning County, Dongshan Range, and Nanwan Monkey Island. The area's promise has been blighted by haphazard tourist development, but it still has mountainous, forests, and coasts that are worth checking out.

Xincun is a small town in Lingshui County. The peninsula provides a protected bay where many fisherman have set up home. Some have built floating houses and restaurants. The peninsula is also the location of the popular tourist attraction Nanwan Monkey Island. The cable cars that can be seen in some photos lead across the water to Monkey Island.

  • Chinese name: 海南吊罗山省级自然保护区 Hǎinán diào luó shān shěng jí zìrán bǎohù qū
  • Lingshui County (陵水县)
  • Object of protection: Tropical rainforest ecosystem
  • Area (ha): 18,389

Home to the Feng Guo Waterfall (枫果瀑布), a large waterfall hidden away in the mountains. The road from Diaoluo Mountain to Qiongzhong is one of the more remote roads in Hainan.

As the pictures show, it is a lush rural landscape. The final picture is of Fengguo Mountain Waterfall (枫果山瀑布), which is next to Diaoluo Mt.

Another nice beach on the east coast of Hainan, south of Wanning town.

Located south east off the coast of Wanning town 万宁市 Wàn níng shì, Dazhou Island is Hainan's biggest coastal island. It is also the last undeveloped islet in Hainan. It consists of 2 islands; the smaller north land mass and a bigger southern area connected by a 500 metre sand bar. It is a protected National Park.