Located south east off the coast of Wanning town 万宁市 Wàn níng shì, Dazhou Island is Hainan's biggest coastal island. It is also the last undeveloped islet in Hainan. It consists of 2 islands; the smaller north land mass and a bigger southern area connected by a 500 metre sand bar. It is a protected National Park.

  • Total surface area of Dazhou island is 4.36 sq km.
  • It has 3 peaks, the highest being around 290 metres.
  • Just 5km off the the coast of Wanning county.

Getting there:

From Haikou city catch the bus to Wanning from the east bus station. Buses are every 30 minutes between 08:00 and 19:00. Ticket prices range between 20-40 RMB. At wanning bus terminal take a minibus to Wuchang town 乌场镇 Wū chǎng zhèn, ticket price 2 RMB. Then, rent a boat from locals to Dazhou Island. A fast boat will cost about 300 RMB return, while a ordinary boat would cost about 250 RMB return.

You can also get a bus to Wanning bus terminal from Sanya (bus every 30 minutes between 07:00 and 18:00, ticket price around 25 RMB). Then follow instructions as above.

Food and Drink:

Follow local fisherman on the island to find food. There are some small food stalls selling some unusual seafood.


The best option is to bring your own tent. It may be possible to persuade fisherman to allow you to sleep in the simple shacks.


You should bring enough drinking water.


Translated from: http://baike.baidu.com/view/478252.htm