Sanya (in Hainanese, Tam A, pronounced "Dumb Ah") is the tropical resort at the southern end of Hainan that everyone seems to be going to. If you like beaches and tropical weather, it's a great place to go. Expect crowds of tourists, particularly at peak seasons. Don't forget, there is a lot more to Hainan than Sanya...

Sanya is the second largest city, after Haikou, in Hainan. It is situated on the southern most tip of the island. Central Sanya has a population of around 150,000. If you include the surrounding area the population is more like 400,000. This population includes Han, Hui, Miao, and Li nationalities.

Sanya is the main tourist area on Hainan. You can divide Sanya into 3 areas: Sanya city, Dadonghai Bay, and Yalong Bay.

Located 15km north of Sanya City.

This hot spring resort is situated about 40 minutes by bus north of Sanya. It claims to be the best hot spring resort in China, and it just might be. I paid 160 rmb per person including a return bus from Dadonghai in Sanya (I booked through the Pearl River Hotel in Dadonghai, it costs more if you pay on arrival). It is a little expensive but after the trip I felt it was money well spent. Nantian hot spring resort combines a variety of different outdoor hot spring pools, a swimming pool and attractive landscaping. One of the highlights is the ‘fish therapy’ pool. The pool contains lots of small fish. Once you relax in the pool the fish slowly approach and begin gently nibbling away the dead skin on your body, giving you a natural exfoliation. The tickling sensation takes a few minutes to get used and provides a unique experience. I would recommend Nantian hotsprings if you don’t mind spending a little money. You could spend most of the day at Nantian if you wanted to relax and lounge around. Take some food or you can buy from the restaurant. You will need a extra 200 rmb for deposit.

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