surfnhainanlogoHainan’s east coast, approximately 200 km long, is well positioned to receive typhoon swells, as well as the northeast swells that wrap around China’s coast and bring their energy to the local shores. The surf season lasts from fall into early spring. While this isn’t Hawaii or Indonesia, it is easily the best and most consistent surf in China proper.

According to some sources, Hainan was first surfed in 1986 by a group of visiting surfers from Hawaii and California. The past few years have seen an increasing number of visiting surfers from Japan and Hong Kong. Yet Hainan’s surf remains largely untapped. As most surfers would agree, standing on the sand of a tropical island, staring out at completely empty waves, is one of the most beautiful sights to behold. And while people are increasingly growing wise to what Hainan has to offer, there will be plenty of empty surf to be had for many years to come.

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It is hard to believe, but have already held their 5th annual surf comp. It was held on Nov 3-4th 2012.

Here are some pictures from the competition at Riyue bay:

surfing hainan open 2012










surfing hainan open barrel

The International Surfing Association will be holding a second event at Riyue Bay in Wanning County, Hainan. The first event was deemed a success and so the next one is to be held from Jan 25 - 30th 2013. There will be 8 national teams competing: Hawaii, Australia, Brazil, USA, Japan, France, Peru, and Portugal.


See this surfline article for more info:

The swatch Girls Pro World Longboard Competition was held in hainan between 26-30 October 2011.

The competition was hosted by Wanning Local Government. The surfing took place at Riyue Bay on the south east coast of Hainan in Wanning County.

Pro surfers from around the world competed in the event.

For more info see:

When: 7-8 Nov 2010

Where: Riyue Bay, Wanning County, Hainan Island.

The 3rd annual Surfing Hainan Competition was bigger then ever with full support of the local government. Together they created the first Hainan surf festival.

After the success of the first event, our friends over at are holding the Second Surfing Hainan Open.

Venue: Riyuewan, Hainan
Date: November 6th, 7th and 8th, 2009

 Check out their website for full details:

surfing hainan open