This page gives information about the transport options availiable within Hainan Island for travellers, backpackers and tourists. The main way to travel around Hainan is the high speed train that runs all the way around Hainan. Buses and taxis link areas in between train stops. You need your passport to book train or bus tickets.

Within cities/towns/villages you can get around by bus, taxi, motorbike, motorised tricycle, and pedal tricycle. There are good roads linking the major towns, but these turn into bumpy dirt roads in less traveled areas (some of these roads are the most beautiful, surrounded by tropical scenery and small traditional villages, leading you into the unknown).

For information on getting to/from Hainan see the 'Getting To Hainan' page.


Haikou to Sanya High Speed Train

The high speed rail connection between Haikou and Sanya opened at the beginning of 2011. It connects Haikou and Sanya along the east of Hainan. It is the quickest way to travel across the island. Trains run from Haikou to Sanya from about 07:00 in the morning to 22:00 in the evening. There is generally a train at least every hour. Some trains run direct between Haikou and Sanya, taking about 1.5 hours. But most trains stop at a few places along the way on the east coast of Hainan, taking about 2-2.5 hours.

A second class ticket from Haikou to Sanya costs about 100 RMB. The exact times of the trains change through the year. There is a small travel agent on the opposite side of the road from Haikou Banana Hostel where you can book train tickets in advance. The main station in Haikou is the Haikou East stop (海口东 Haikoudong). It is in the south east of the city on Fengxiang Road (凤翔路). Haikou East stop is the easiest stop to get to if you are staying in Haikou City.


You can check the current timetable on


These are the high speed train stops on the east coast:

Haikou East (main city stop) 海口东  Haikoudong
美兰 Airport
文昌 Wenchang
琼海 Qionghai
博鳌 Boao
万宁 Wanning
陵水 Lingshui
田独 Tiandu
亚 Sanya

The west train line (opened in 2016) runs from Haikou to Sanya, stopping at: Chengmai, Lingao, Danzhou, Changjiang, Dongfang and Ledong.


Major roads in Hainan

Roughly speaking there are major roads along the east, west and through the middle of Hainan.

The eastern expressway heads south from Haikou and along the east coast, all the way to the southern most tip, Sanya. There is a western expressway linking Haikou to the towns along the western coast and to Sanya in the south. There is also the Haiwen expressway that links Haikou and Wencheng on the north east coast. Through the mountainous middle of Hainan island runs the Haiyu middle Highway. This passes Qiongzhong town and the Five Finger mountain (Wu Zhi Shan) area and on to Sanya. This highway is slower, but more scenic than the east and west expressways.


Haikou long distance buses (within Hainan)

There are buses from Haikou to most areas of Hainan island. Haikou has 3 main bus stations; the south, east, and west bus stations (there is also the bus station at XinGang passenger port for buses to the Chinese mainland). Most people use the high speed train if travelling along the east or west coast.


South (main) East of Nanhai dadao 0898-66803800
East Haifu dadao, opposite Wugongci (Wugong shrine) 0898-65370453
West Haixiu Xi Lu 0898-68657306


Haikou South Bus Station Destinations:

Haikou Sanya
Haikou Lingshui
Haikou Wanning
Haikou Qionghai
Haikou Dingan
Haikou Tunchang
Haikou Qiongzhong
Haikou Baoting
Haikou Wuzhishan
Haikou Ledong


Haikou West Bus Station Timetable:
Haikou TunChang 93
Haikou QiongZhong 142
Haikou WuZhiShan 223
Haikou ChengMai 61
Haikou LinGao 85
Haikou ZhanZhou 136
Haikou YangPu 136
Haikou LiangRMB 142
Haikou BaiSha 227
Haikou ChangJiang 184
Haikou DongFang 228
Haikou HuangLiu 298
Haikou LiGuo 298
Haikou LeDong 350


Haikou East Bus Station Timetable:
Haikou Sanya 285
Haikou BaoTing 256
Haikou LingShui 207
Haikou TengQiao 234
Haikou WanNing 154
Haikou XingLong 186
Haikou QiongHai 102
Haikou BoAo 122
Haikou WenChang 73
Haikou DingAn 48

Haikou to Sanya:

These days most people take the train from Haikou to Sanya.


Taxis are plentiful in Haikou and Sanya and are an easy way to get around, but not as cheap as the mainland. Don't expect drivers to speak English. The metered fare is 10 RMB for the first 3km and 2 RMB per additional km. It is common, particularly in Sanya, to haggle the price with taxi drivers. Doing this should enable you to get a fare below the metered price, but you need some idea of what the price should be. For shorter distances it is cheaper (and more fun) to take a motorbike/trike or pedaltrike. Expect to pay 2 RMB per km.

Haikou local Buses:

Haikou has a well developed network of air-conditioned local buses. There is a flat fee of 1 RMB for all local journeys. This makes the local buses a very cheap and easy way to get around.

Info on bus routes (chinese):