The West Coast and South-West Coast of Hainan is one of the least travelled places on the island. Poor and left behind by development on other parts of Hainan, somehow it occurs to very few people to come and have a look. Which, for some, is all the more reason you should want to! Western Hainan is inhabited mainly by the Hlai (Li) minority and has its own brand of natural beauty, including some of Hainan's only remaining virgin forests. Includes Chanjiang, Dongfang, and Ledong Counties.

  • Jianfeng Ridge and Forest Reserve.
  • Qizi Bay.
  • Bawang Nature Reserve, home of the Hainan gibbon.

Dongfang is located on the west coast of Hainan. It has an industrial port used to transport the ore mined from surrounding area.

In the 1940s there was a Japanese POW camp here, holding Chinese, Austrailian, and Dutch prisoners:

  •  Chinese name: 海南尖峰岭国家级自然保护 Hǎinán jiānfēng lǐng guójiā jí zìrán bǎohù qū
  • The main object of protection is its tropical forest ecosystem.
  • Jianfengling National Nature Reserve is located in the southwest of Hainan, spanning Ledong (乐东县) and Dongfang (东方) counties. The geographical coordinates are: longitude 108 ° 44 '~ 109 ° 02', latitude 18 ° 23 '~ 18 ° 52'.
  • It has an area of 20,170 (ha).

  • Chinese name: 海南霸王岭国家级自然保护 Hǎinán bàwáng lǐng guójiā jí zìrán bǎohù qū
  • Location: Changjiang County (昌江县)
  • Main object of protection: Black crested gibbon and habitat
  • Area (ha): 29,980

Bawangling National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Hainan in Changjiang County. It is one of the best preserved tropical forests in Hainan.

They are said to be over 365 kinds of animal species, including rare animals such as the Hainan Black Crested Gibbon, clouded leopard, black bear, deer, and monitor lizards. It is one of the few remaining homes of the black crested gibbon on earth.

Chanjiang County HainanAfter some research with Google Earth we planned a trip to Chanjiang County in the west of Hainan. Chanjiang is almost shaped like a wedge that spans from the lowland coastal area to the mountains near the centre of Hainan. The coastal area is home to Qizi Bay (棋子湾 qízǐ wān) and Changhua Town (one of the oldest settlements on Hainan). This area did not offer too much interest and we spent a minimum time exploring here. The real purpose of the trip was to head inland to explore the mountains, caves, and rivers.