•  Chinese name: 海南尖峰岭国家级自然保护 Hǎinán jiānfēng lǐng guójiā jí zìrán bǎohù qū
  • The main object of protection is its tropical forest ecosystem.
  • Jianfengling National Nature Reserve is located in the southwest of Hainan, spanning Ledong (乐东县) and Dongfang (东方) counties. The geographical coordinates are: longitude 108 ° 44 '~ 109 ° 02', latitude 18 ° 23 '~ 18 ° 52'.
  • It has an area of 20,170 (ha).

The nature reserve was founded in 1960, it was the first nature reserve in Hainan Province. In 2002 it was promoted to National Nature Reserve to protect its tropical virgin forest ecosystems. It is the lowest latitude tropical rain forest in China。

It is also one of China's most biologically diverse tropical forests.

Natural Environment

The protected area includes peaks, valleys, hills, and water basins. It has distinct wet and dry seasons, the rainy season is from June to October, dry season is November to May.

The average annual temperature is 19.7 ℃ and the annual average relative humidity is 88%.

Animal and Plant Resources

Notable plants include: Hainan cycads and Cyatheas

The park is home to 7 species of animal that are protected at the national level, namely Hainan Eld's deer, Hainan black gibbon, clouded leopard, peacock pheasant, the monitor lizards, Hainan Partridge, and pythons. It's also rich in butterflies, with as many as 449 kinds of species.

Jianfengling Reserve has a peak elevation of 1412 m. Vegetation varies with altitude. Below 800m you will find rain forests, above this level the forests turn into pine and alpine forests.

Information source: http://www.hainan.gov.cn

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